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Who We Are

We are a building Polish brand created by a team of experienced individuals.

Our mission is to design software that empowers our clients to make progress with the next-generation solutions for industry.

Our products are based on our original Indigo Framework: a technology that integrates machines and IT systems and controls them using process graphs.

How We Work

Project management is carried out based on ticket tools. To ensure desired quality, the production process is accompanied by the development of the analytical and design documentation, an obligatory code review and application of unit tests for each developed piece of software.

The software undergoes integration and regression tests employing custom simulators and manual tests. The adopted production and versioning process fully supports continuous integration implementation approaches.

We Are Recruiting for the Positions of:

We are easy to reach (underground railway); good lunch is just round the corner (nice diners nearby); if you want to socialize, you can join some of our afterwork initiatives (board games? Why not, if you like to play and do not hurry back home).