Smart Factory

Business process
optimisation, cost-efficiency,
increased production capacity and less

What Does It Do?

Stabilis Smart Factory is a smart factory in a strict sense. It offers the entire functionality of Stabilis Operator and Stabilis Monitoring but, additionally, facilitates control of machinery, change of settings, maintenance scheduling, and data acquisition, etc.

Smart Factory also employs AI algorithms and Big Data for data analysis and processing.

How Does It Work?

Data captured at workstations is input into IT systems. The personnel can access it in the monitoring centre, via touch screens at machines, and on mobile devices.

With the option of machine control, many processes previously performed by the personnel are carried out automatically, among them: uploading production orders from the ERP system to machines, uploading parameters, handling peripherals and integrating them with the ERP system.

Optimization through Integration

How diverse your machinery is does not matter. Stabilis helps create interfaces and business logic that handle communication also with older generation machines: both digital and analogue.

Stabilis Smart Factory links workstations with IT systems to optimize business processes, thus reducing workload, costs and increasing production capacity without the need to expand the hardware infrastructure.

Data Analysis

Advanced reporting secures access to collected data. The cutting-edge reporting engine enables quick and effortless generation of custom quantitative and qualitative reports. They can be retrieved on-line or off-line in real time.

Stabilis Smart Factory: Benefits