STABILIS® systems - complex real-time production management solutions that can be quickly implemented and easily developed

Solving factory problems is our specialization

The everyday life of a factory involves a plan, employees, orders, raw materials and constant CHANGES. Many activities are planned from day to day to improve efficiency and respond more efficiently to changes. There is often not enough time for a holistic analysis, but also data that would allow for long-term action is missing.

In a modern factory, the basis of production management is data, and the correlations between them affect the efficiency of the business and its safety. We create STABILIS® systems to provide access to data in real time. As a result, we enable the full potential of the factory to be used.

The need to increase production capacity, difficulties in staff management, too slow information flow between departments, production errors, waste and losses, or the inability to track production in progress and data to monitor production costs are just examples of the problems we help solve..

Quick implementation of a tailored system

We believe that the system should be for the client, not the client for the system. Therefore, instead of creating another modular, predefined software, we created the STABILIS® low code platform, which allows us to quickly configure solutions fully tailored to the needs of our clients.

Low-code is a method of designing applications using intuitive drag-and-drop tools that reduce the time-consuming programming work and make it easier.

The advantages of our approach include quick implementation, i.e.:

  • quick access to benefits,
  • a solution tailored to your needs,
  • a system that easily follows change.

Every factory is different

Even factories producing the same product range differ from each other. They may use lines from different manufacturers, different IT systems or manage their processes in different ways. When reporting production, for some people a detailed analysis of operators' efficiency will be crucial. For others - the ability to monitor work in progress or production costs in real time. Moreover, requirements change as the company grows.

Thanks to STABILIS® technology, creating a system tailored to your needs or adding new functionality to an existing application is not a problem - neither time nor cost-wise.

Although factories are different, they all strive for business success. We help achieve it by creating IT tools for our clients that provide access to data in real time. It is necessary for the effective management of emerging challenges and crucial for business security.