We deliver what other large MES systems do - simply more and in a way that is perfectly adapted to your production processes

Intelligent production optimization

  • Lean manufacturing is not only a slogan, but also the possibility of continuous production optimization thanks to a flexible, easily adaptable IT system.
  • Increasing OEE and OLE metrics, thanks to the intelligent MES application, means a higher margin, but also ecological savings and a friendly work environment for the crew.
  • AI and real data from industrial automation mean easier production management and more satisfied customers.

Every factory is different

We believe that the system should be for the customer, not the customer for the system. Therefore, instead of creating another modular software, we created a solution in which we replaced the code with graphs (INDIGO platform). The individual elements of the graph illustrate the functions of the production process and the system adjusts itself to the description. Thanks to this, the implementation is quick, and when there is a need to change, the system easily follows it.

Our technology introduces a new quality in the design and implementation of solutions for factories. We have combined the advantages of a predefined system with the advantages of applications created from scratch for the client.

Each factory has unique needs

Each of our clients has individual processes that are not supported by standard ERP or MES systems. Thanks to our technology, creating a new functionality is not a problem - neither time nor cost.

Everyone has different production monitoring and reporting needs. Someone will need a detailed analysis of the efficiency of operators working on a given line, while another person will need to be able to monitor production processes or the value of the OEE indicator at any time on their smartphone. We can prepare such reports or teach you how to create them yourself.