The best IT solutions
for production optimization



  • Zwiększenie OEE i OLE
  • Zmniejszenie kosztów produkcji
  • Poprawa wydajności
  • Reduction of workload
  • Zmniejszenie strat

Unique qualities

  • 100% dopasowania do potrzeb
  • Unikalna elastyczność
  • Intuicyjne narzędzie
  • Szybkie wdrożenie
  • Wysokie kompetencje w zakresie integracji linii produkcyjnych z systemami IT


Individually created system for production optimization, which allows yo to obtain the following benefits:

  • faster
  • in a bigger scale
  • for a longer period

Possibilities for improvement

STABILIS MES makes it possible to improve production efficiency.

Reduction of labour consumption

The increase in labor costs, recruitment difficulties and high staff turnover are growing problems in the industrial production sector. STABILIS reduces labor consumption by automating the flow of information, increases employee efficiency through the registration of their work, and a tailor-made, intuitive interface speeds up and facilitates the implementation of tasks.

Improving production efficiency

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is of key importance for business management. STABILIS enables remote monitoring and control in real time of production processes, and thus - gives access to objective data that allows you to optimally manage production.

Reducing the amount of losses

The rising costs of energy and materials are a big challenge for entrepreneurs. Depending on the industry, waste can constitute a significant part of the cost. Data analysis carried out in the STABILIS system allows for a significant reduction in the consumption of materials and a reduction in the amount of waste.

Digital Lean

  • Identification of bottlenecks.
  • Just-in-Time for the entire value chain.
  • Operation optimization in real time.
  • A shift from push to pull.
  • Precise and timely information: cost, downtime, operation time (TPM)..
  • Result-based bonuses (SMED support, transparency, OEE)..