We will introduce
Your Factory into
the World of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

We are witnessing the fourth industrial revolution referred to as Industry 4.0. It rests on technologies enabling real-time access to and analysis of data generated by machines and IT systems as well as full automation and remote control of production processes.

Revolution through Evolution

Implementation of the Industry 4.0 solution is a multi-step process. We can help you plan and implement this process in your production facility. The flexibility and innovation of our technology will take your organization into Industry 4.0 quickly and seamlessly.

Stabilis is:

  • A dedicated layer blending and optimizing processes in real time. .
  • Versatility enabling integration of various equipment devices and IT systems. .
  • Reliability through supporting off-line operations and quick recovery after a power outage. .
  • Quick graph-based programming at each level (integration, logic, interface, network). .
  • Evolutionary growth supported by the entire team and at every level of operation. .
  • Cost-efficiency thanks to Open Source solutions and Linux’s security and stability. .

Stabilis is capable of:

Reducing machinery downtime and time needed for operations by up to 50%.

Reducing the need for highly qualified personnel.

Enhancing production efficiency and furthering continuous improvement.

Boosting your EBITA thanks to streamlining the existing resources.


Stabilis is a suite of three products that will take your organisation to the world of Industry 4.0.


Links the production line with the ERP system in your company. No more printing of orders from the ERP system; no more feeding of production data back into the system. Stabilis Operator will automate this process in every respect.

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Is powerful enough to integrate any piece of equipment in your facility with your in-house IT systems. From now on, instant access to all production data and remote control over the production process are at your fingertips.

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Is the smart factory in a strict sense. It offers the entire functionality of Stabilis Operator and Stabilis Monitoring but, additionally, enables the control of machinery, change of settings, maintenance scheduling, and data acquisition, etc. Smart Factory also employs AI algorithms and Big Data for data analysis and processing.

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Digital Lean

  • Identification of bottlenecks..
  • Just-in-Time for the entire value chain..
  • Operation optimization in real time. .
  • A shift from push to pull. .
  • Precise and timely information: cost, downtime, operation time (TPM). .
  • Result-based bonuses (SMED support, transparency, OEE)..
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