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Implementation of Stabilis Smart Factory in the Pruszyński Group.

About the Client

The Pruszyński Group leads the way among the producers of steel sheet roofing systems in Europe.

They also market construction, façade, and finishing materials.


Integration of machines from various manufacturers and using different controllers.

New functions made available at the workstation.

Integration of peripherals from various manufacturers (printers, code readers, RFID cards) with workstations and the ERP system.


Stage I

  • Automated data entry into production machines.
  • Enabling communication with workstations and the ERP system.
  • Production management and accounting from the level of the Stabilis system.
  • Elimination of manual entry of production orders into machines.
  • Paperless environment.

Stage II

  • Preparation for warehouse management in the JIT mode.
  • Establishment of a production monitoring centre (video wall, real-time access to information from workstations).

Implementation outcomes

The implementation of Stabilis Smart Factory has delivered the following benefits:

  • new maintenance functions and communication of operators with the production manager,
  • production process shortened by the time necessary to record production figures manually,
  • greater control over raw material flow between the warehouse and the production department,
  • no delays in accessing information on production status,
  • fewer errors in data entry,
  • preventing production losses due to power outages and no connection with the ERP system (off-line support, automatic machine triggering after system restart),
  • unification of the interface on all production machines,
  • keeping track of materials used and of working time,
  • reduced consumption of consumables (paper, labels).