STABILIS®MES - digital Kaizen, i.e. continuous optimization of demanding production processes

Continuous improvement

STABILIS®MES is a low-code programming platform for transforming factories into smart factories. Thanks to the unique flexibility of the software, this process is evolutionary and without the need to introduce changes to the existing infrastructure (machines and IT).

STABILIS®MES enables the continuous introduction of changes and immediate measurement of their effects, as well as the use of existing production reserves, shortening the time of introducing the product to the market, reducing the need for highly qualified personnel with increased production efficiency.

Production monitoring

The unique flexibility of STABILIS®MES allows for easy integration into one ecosystem of production lines and cells, peripheral devices and IT systems used in manufacturing companies (including ERP, WMS, APS, CMMS).

STABILIS®MES enables the collection of real data (business and process) from production lines, automates the flow of information between devices and IT systems and thus allows you to monitor production processes in real time.

A flexible and easy to configure reporting module allows you to analyze the collected data and provides information that enables active optimization of business processes.

Production optimization

Recording the working time of personnel and machines

Registration of information on the quality of production and quantity of waste

Real-time remote production monitoring

Analysis of the impact of production parameters on quality and efficiency


Safety of compliance with standards and norms

Detection and registration of downtimes, micro-downtimes and failures

Identification of hidden difficulties and bottlenecks

Business benefits

Waste reduction

Monitoring of production processes allows you to obtain real data on production efficiency. Based on information from STABILIS®MES, it is possible to take measures to improve processes and ensure high-quality production and, consequently, reduce the amount of waste.

Reduction of production personnel costs

STABILIS®MES allows you to eliminate the circulation of paper documents, standardize the work environment of operators and monitor the effectiveness of each person involved in the production process.

Increase in productivity

STABILIS®MES enables remote monitoring and real-time control of production processes, including OEE, accepted production standards and TKW (Technical cost of production). Access to real data allows you to identify areas whose optimization has a direct impact on the margin.

Advanced dedicated interfaces

STABILIS®MES interfaces are fully adapted to the specificity of the production hall. Their functionalities are configured to individual requirements and needs. Information is presented in an intuitive and easy to use manner.

This reduces the training time for a new user to 15 minutes. The system automatically adjusts to the login user's native language.

Non-Latin languages are also supported.

Data analysis

Real-time monitoring.

Management information. The system enables the presentation of comparative information, e.g. the work of operators on the line or the display of freely aggregated management information, e.g. changes in the components of the OEE metric.

Support for production processes using AI, machine learning and data science mechanisms.

STABILIS®MES implementation in 6 steps