STABILIS® systems meet the needs of factories from various industries and support every type of production

We exceed the limits of MES systems

At STABILIS® we create tools for the effective management of manufacturing companies, providing key data that drive their business success.

Automation and optimization in one place

Our closed data loop systems not only collect data, but also automate processes, which leads to their optimization.

Flexibility and integration

Thanks to the unique flexibility of STABILIS® systems, you can easily integrate various production lines and cells, peripheral devices and IT systems (ERP, WMS, APS, CMMS, QM, LIMS) into one coherent ecosystem.

Real-time monitoring

STABILIS® systems enable the collection of data from production lines - both business and process - automatically transmitting information between devices and IT systems. This allows for full insight into production processes in real time, regardless of the industry.

Advanced analytics

Our flexible reporting module offers advanced tools for data analysis and visualization. It aggregates, analyzes and visualizes information in a way that facilitates active optimization of business processes.

Business benefits of STABILIS® systems

Increasing margin

Our main goal is to increase your margin. Each factory is unique, and therefore, cost reduction and savings methods vary from organization to organization. With STABILIS® this can be achieved by reducing waste, eliminating production errors, optimizing the use of raw materials and improving process and human resource management.

More effective management

STABILIS® systems provide data from the production floor in real time, enabling immediate response. Data-driven management leads to more accurate business decisions, increasing operational security.

Customization of support for production processes

From digital production traceability to visual management, STABILIS® systems offer many tools to support your production. Because we understand that each factory has its own specificity, we adapt our solutions to the individual needs, capabilities and readiness of your organization to introduce changes.

What stand out STABILIS® systems?

Quick benefits

We implement our systems in just about 4 months instead of 12*, which allows you to benefit almost immediately.

Flexibility in the service of development

The unique adaptability of our software allows for continuous development of functionalities, tailored to changing needs.

Industry expertisea

We have extensive experience in creating dedicated solutions for various industries and in digitizing diverse types of production.

Seamless integration

Our specialized methodology guarantees smooth implementation of the system in the production environment and ease of analysis of collected data.

* Average implementation time of standard MES systems

One STABILIS® system – many possibilities

Advanced integrations

When we talk about specialization in closed loop data systems, we mean real skills and technologies. STABILIS® systems enable effective integration of production lines, machines and devices from different suppliers, regardless of the PLC controllers they use. Thanks to our experience, we can change the scope and method of integration, adapting them precisely to the client's business goals.

Precise ESG reporting

In response to European Union regulations, we offer precise ESG reporting tools. Our systems collect the necessary data in accordance with ESRS 2 standards, while helping customers optimize processes - from waste reduction, through more efficient use of utilities, to minimizing the carbon footprint. All this to meet the challenges of environmental responsibility and improving working conditions.

Advanced AI/ML analysis

Collecting data is not an end in itself, but an investment in the future. STABILIS® systems collect data in specially designed context databases that are optimized for deep analysis and dynamic reporting. Each piece of information has a time stamp, which will allow it to be used in the future by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, giving access to the most modern methods of process improvement.

Consulting support at every stage

From initial consultation to full implementation, we accompany our clients. Using the experience gained in factories, we advise on digitalization strategies, planning implementation works and indicate which areas are the most promising starting point for digital evolution.

The key to success is understanding our clients' business goals. We want to know precisely what they plan to achieve with STABILIS® systems. Based on our knowledge and experience, we advise the most effective ways to achieve these goals.

Data analysis and advanced reporting

Data is at the heart of all our implementations. In addition to process automation, the main mission of STABILIS® systems is to acquire and collect this valuable information and then optimize its flow. They make it possible to identify areas for improvement, introduce specific optimizations, and then monitor the results and implement further improvements.

In a world of constant optimization, data plays a key role. STABILIS® systems are designed so that data can be easily aggregated and analyzed. Using modern tools, we enable advanced real time analysis and flexible visualization of results in various reports.

The most important is the user

STABILIS® implementation in 6 steps: